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Tanabata's Day of China


Latest company news about Tanabata's Day of China

If love can last for a long time, there is no need to stay together day and night. As every one knows, the seventh day of July in the lunar calendar is our Valentine's Day in China.


One of the four major folk love legend stories in China, The Cowherd And The Weaver Girl,a legend story, is very beautiful and passes down through the ages, because there is a main line of "love", and the kind people will set the night of the magpie bridge meeting as "Valentine's Day", which is also reasonable. Now many people hope to designate "Qixi" as "China's Valentine's Day". "Tanabata" is the most romantic day in the Traditional Chinese Festival, which is being recognized by more and more young people!latest company news about Tanabata's Day of China  0


In this major annual festival, couples will be carefully dressed up. They can meet at a more atmospheric or artistic conception of restaurant to have dinner, boys can give girls a bouquet of flowers which was decorated by our flower pearl color spray during the meal. Because the flowers that have been sprayed with flower pearl color spray can bring more sense of ritual .


latest company news about Tanabata's Day of China  1


Of course, Tanabata's Day is not for lovers, even single people can have fun.The reason for being single is because they are less to go out to play, to meet friends of the opposite sex. Generally on this day, single men and women can also choose to dinner with friends, holding parties together, carnival, of course, in order to increase the atmosphere, our snow spray like Taiwan snow spray,Doraemon snow spray,Joker snow spray and Silly string like Taiwan silly string,Crazay silly string and so on which can come in handy, so whatever we have boyfriend or girlfriend, we must also have a good day either.

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