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Pengwei丨The Employees' Birthday Party in the Second Quarter, 2022


Latest company news about Pengwei丨The Employees' Birthday Party in the Second Quarter, 2022

In order to enhance employees’ sense of identity and belonging to the company, and further strengthen the internal cohesion of the company team, enhance mutual understanding among employees of various departments and express the love and care of the company, a birthday party was held in the canteen of the company on June 28th and our leader gave great birthday wishes to the employees of the birthday men and women in the second quarter of this year.

Total 14 employees participating in this birthday party were Peng Li, Bing Yuan, Chang Yuan, Hao Chen, Yilan Wen, Xueyu Zhang, Yong Wang, Cuihua Luo, Liping Wang, Luo Yu, Xianxian Xie, Binglong Feng, Huiqiong Liang, Chunlan Liang.




Yunqi Li, the manager of administrative department, prepared for the birthday party carefully. He bought watermelons, drinks, snacks and birthday cakes in advance and set up the birthday scene in the canteen. In this afternoon, all birthday men and women happily took part in the birthday party with their birthday hat. Yunqi Li chaired birthday meeting to lead the topic. Among them, our leader Peng Li also delivered a simple speech to wish all employees good health and success in work. Then they felt flattered and happy when hearing those words from our leader.




It was time for them to have birthday cakes! They sang a birthday song, made good wishes and blew out the candles together among cheerful laughter. After that, they ate cakes and snacks, enjoyed some drinks and talked about different topics with each other. What’s more, the distribution of birthday money is an indispensable part of this birthday meeting. Our leader gave out one hundred RMB to each birthday person. All employees were excited and expressed their gratitude to our leader.




All in all, a small warm birthday party embodies the leaders’ deep care and love for employees, and also gives affirmation and care to employees who have been working hard for a long time. The second quarter employee birthday party came to a successful end in laughter. Happy birthday to all the birthday guys!


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