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Pengwei丨PENG WEI Took Part in 2023 CIBE


Latest company news about Pengwei丨PENG WEI Took Part in 2023 CIBE

From March 10 to 12, 2023, the 60th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Beauty Expo) closed in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pavilion. As a dedicated aerosol research and development and production factory, Guangdong Pengwei is honored to participate in the exhibition, to meet the stream of customers, to discuss the industry forefront trends.


fair entrance


A Three-day Beauty Pageant

The Beauty Expo was founded in 1989, spanning 34 years to now. What changes is the time, and what remains unchanged is the vitality of the beauty industry.

The Guangzhou Beauty Expo covers an exhibition area of 200,000 square meters, with 20+ theme pavilions covering the whole industry line. 2000+ domestic and foreign leading enterprises, including FiveDimensions, have brought thousands of new products and high-end technology and equipment to the exhibition, attracting buyers from different fields and different circles.

This is a great reunion of the global beauty industry, but also a booming industry microcosm, an all-round presentation of the forefront of the beauty industry market information and industrial changes.


expo inside


Peng Wei, Create Brilliant Work

According to statistics, the exhibition received a total of 460177 professional visitors for three days, the scene of various enterprise booths in the consultation, negotiation atmosphere is strong, heat popularity is rising.

In order to welcome professional visitors from all over the country, Guangdong Pengwei has arranged an elegant exhibition hall in H09 of Hall 5.2, where all kinds of classic products are neatly displayed, fully displaying the sense of brand and fashion.

During the exhibition, the booth of Guangdong Pengwei exploded in popularity, attracting many customers and experts in the industry to come to the booth site for consultation. Every day, there were crowds of people, who showed great interest in our products and signed contracts and purchased them on site.

Looking back at the site, it seems that the crowd is still buzzing and the visitors are streaming. All questions can be answered simply and accurately in the reception area, and you can also learn any information you want from professional brand specialists on the customer service platform of Guangdong Pengwei. Customers who have business cooperation or purchase needs can complete comfortable negotiations in the reception area.


communicate with customer


Build domestic and foreign high-tech aerosol brand

Guangdong Pengwei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on August 18, 2017. Legal representative Li Peng, the company's business scope includes: design, research and development, production, sales: Festival aerosol, automobile beauty maintenance supplies, chemical raw materials, chemical semi-finished products, indoor fragrance or deodorant, special chemical products, household cleaning and daily chemical products, food, medicine, pet supplies, personal care and cosmetics, plastic packaging products (including injection molding) (except dangerous chemicals); To invest in the establishment of industries; Domestic trade; Import and export of goods and technology, etc.

Although the Guangzhou Beauty Expo has come to an end, the pace of development of Guangdong Pengwei has never stopped. The attention and expectation of customers, audiences and industry insiders have strengthened the belief that Guangdong Pengwei puts customers first and focuses on the research and development of various products. In the future, Guangdong Pengwei will continue to innovate and change in response to changes in the industry and customer needs, and bring more good quality products.



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