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Pengwei丨Happy Chinese New Year!Good Luck to New Start of Our Work.


Latest company news about Pengwei丨Happy Chinese New Year!Good Luck to New Start of Our Work.

On February 1st, we held a sacrificial ceremony in the factory to wish best to our work in new year. This is the most important activity which we held every new year when we start working


Before ceremony, we would choose a best time according to lunar calendar. Thus, we choose 9 o’clock in the morning as our best time.


What’s more, we would prepare some food and fruit like chicken, apple, orange and put them on the table. Also, candles are required on this ceremony.


When the clock pointed to nine, our boss announced that ceremony begun. Everyone in our factory should come to the table and burn joss sticks.


Sacrifice is the ancient custom of offering sacrifices to heaven and earth, gods or ancestors. There is also a melon offering (when one says "melon" is "must", the melon offering is required.) That is, before eating, he who takes a little of each of the food on the table and puts it in his utensives, that he who has eaten before him, must be as pious as when he is fasting.


Sacrifice, in addition to the folk sacrifice, the king also sacrificial ceremony. Equipped with a priest, a godhead dedicated to the god (the earth god). During the ritual, there are read out offerings to the gods or the dead. There is a rich feast of three sacrifices-cattle, sheep and pork. There are "humble dogs" tied with grass, sacrifice, throw away.


The function of sacrifice: ⑴ Worship heaven and earth and pray for blessings (including praying for a good harvest of grain and the safety of the people. The memory of our ancestors. I pray to God for peace. (4) For the "melon sacrifice", that do not forget their roots. Because sacrifice has such a variety of functions, so the ancients attached great importance to sacrifice.


After the ceremony, we formally begin work and customer can contact us for inquiry or order.


Wish everything goes well in the coming days and happy Chinese New Year with you!

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