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Pengwei丨Company Trip , Wonderful Trip in 2022


Latest company news about Pengwei丨Company Trip , Wonderful Trip in 2022

It is the best time that taking a company trip. On November 27th, 51 employees went a company trip together. On that day, we went to the most famous hotels which is named as LN Dongfang Hot Spring Resort.


There are several kinds of Spring in the hotel which can provide tourists with variable experiences, enjoying leisure time with comfortable ways. Not only does it provide modern, wide living room but also it contains different kinds of equipment such as spa, KTV, Majong and so on.



At 12: 30 PM, after having dinner, we took 1 hour bus to hotel with happily faces and took some group photos.

And then we were enjoying hot spring! Different sizes, different temperatures, different effects’ spring would meet tourists demand.


The hotel has a beautiful environment with beautiful mountains and rivers. In addition to mountains and rivers, hot springs, some people choose to go to the sauna. At six o 'clock in the evening, everyone gathered for a rich dinner, enjoying the local farmhouse.



After dinner, the evening begins. There are three kinds of activities for everyone to choose, the first one is KTV, second is barbecue, the third one is playing mahjong.



Everyone in KTV, a show of singing, talk to each other, two is to do barbecue, we gather together, enjoy food, as for our quintessence, mahjong, each player showed superb mahjong skills, mahjong atmosphere pushed to the apex. After the dinner activities, everyone went back to their hotel rooms to rest. The next morning, everyone grabbed their room key and went to the free breakfast buffet. After eating, we returned to our respective homes. After this pleasant group building activity, enhanced the cohesion of everyone.


It is necessary for any company to hold a group building activity. This is not only to eliminate the estrangement of employees, but also to cultivate the magic weapon of team spirit. Especially for newly established entrepreneurial companies, often holding group building activities can enable employees and bosses to realize a fuller understanding of the business objectives and enterprise development ideas, so that employees can greatly increase the sense of belonging to the enterprise.


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