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New Arrivals 丨 Innovative formula to create multiple hairstyles


Latest company news about New Arrivals 丨 Innovative formula to create multiple hairstyles

Guangdong Pengwei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has always taken strict with product standards, professional services and cost-effective prices as its core competitiveness, and occupied the domestic and foreign markets with high-quality products. "PENGWEI" has always adhered to the brand concept of "creating a higher starting point" to create more rich and practical products for consumers. Our products not only have the unanimous consent of consumers in terms of appearance and workmanship, but also have unique performance in terms of safety and practicality. We are a powerful factory integrating R&D, production and sales.


At present, the CaiFuBao brand we founded has developed different professional hair dressing products spray according to the needs and preferences of consumers, such as hair root spray, hair foam spray and strong hold hair spray. We always provide better after-sales service for everyone!


Hair root spray, through spray technology, tiny pigment molecules are stuck in the naturally opened hair scales to achieve the effect of natural coloring. Through the principle of electrostatic adsorption, when the hair root spray is evenly distributed in the sparse area of your hair, it will be adsorbed on your hair like countless small magnets, making every strand of your hair denser, visually eliminating baldness and those embarrassing thin areas, so as to achieve the effect of hair encryption. It does not undergo any chemical reaction and is covered physically. It has natural ingredients and can also be used for sensitive scalp. It is a product integrating dyeing and care.

hair root spray-8hair root spray-9

Our CaiFuBao Hair Foam Spray is rich in foam, which will not add weight to hair after use and will not feel sticky. It can fix hair style and make hair bright and shiny. The use of hair Foam Spray make the hair easy to comb, shape and be elastic, and can also give the hair a bright color. Whether it is used for the overall hairstyle or local modeling, it can bring a simple and avant-garde fashion effect.

hair holding spray-10hair holding spray-11

CaiFuBao Strong Hold Hair Spray, fresh and not greasy, glossy smooth. It is mainly suitable for blowing, modeling, puffing, texturing, and shaping. This product contains hair care essence to smooth hair. Hair is not sticky, online oil control all day long Let every consumer pursue the self-expression of exquisite image.

hair strong holding spray
For many years, Guangdong Pengwei Fine Chemical Co., Ltd has always adhered to the brand development philosophy of "quality first, honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win", which is based on leading technology, excellent quality, reasonable price and considerate service. We aim at customer satisfaction and provide customers with high-quality products.

Shape as you want, and be different every day!


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